Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Super Stash

It should be known that I haven't written a Sunday Stash post in 7 weeks. And that I fully acknowledge that I'm a total craft addict who spends pretty much all my discretionary spending on craft supplies. 

So with that information in hand, these are my recent purchases. The list just kept getting longer and longer as I kept remembering things. If they stop making craft supplies tomorrow, I should be good for a while.

Warning: you may want to get a snack before you continue.

I went to a conference for work which had lots of great natural play supplies. I couldn't go past these colour pencils for my kiddos.

I have wanted pearl cottons for the longest time but they are pricey locally - ebay to the rescue! I plan to get a bunch of these in solid colours too.

I am on a fabric destashing page but sometimes other craft supplies sneak in. I totally scored with this baby for $50. I have since spent more than that on additional supplies, but you get that. This will revolutionise my much neglected scrapbooking.

Got a great deal on these at Spotlight - on sale plus $10 off coupon. Again for scrapbooking, and the girls. Girls love glitter.

Another little treat for the girls from the wonders of online shopping - no way could I find these cute little Japanese cartoon tapes locally. And they were only 13c a roll, so the kids can stick them anywhere and I don't care. It was a bulk lot, this is just a sampling. They are freaking adorable.

Again for the scrapbooking - some bargain washi tape bought online. It was a bulk lot but my friend bought the doubles off me. For about 1/5 the price you can get it locally, I'm a happy girl.

I went splits in an order from Fabric Shack with Kristy and Marieka - great way to cut down on postage. I filled out my Domestic Bliss collection... major, major love.

Alyce was doing a little destash so I bought some Washi FQs from her, since I missed this range when it first came out.

Also in my Fabric Shack order, some Good Morning hexies. Is this not a wonderful blender?

Between Spotlight having 30% off on fabric and another destash page purchase, I have lots of new backing fabrics. Two for planned quilts, the others just because.

Along with the backing fabric above, I bought a scrap bag off the destash page. Seriously, some people's definition of scraps is very generous! There are some fabulous bits in here, and I only had a couple of the prints.

I am part of a paper piecing bee called Wombat Stew - you may have seen the beautiful house blocks that have been made for me lately. I PROMISE to do a show and tell very very soon. 
But my beautiful bee buddies also popped in scraps - again with the very loose definition of scrap here - don't they have incredible taste. I love these fabrics!

I feel like I can call myself a real quilter now, because when Spotlight had 40% off fabric, I picked up 2 2/3 bolts of homespun. I had to wait for it to come in, but it's totally worth it having neutrals on hand. 

Last but not least, glitter glue for me and the girls - discounted from $7 to $2 a bottle at Spotlight. Love a sparkly bargain.

And that is the end of today's confessional.... linking up with Fiona's Sunday Stash and hoping you are enjoying lots of crafty indulgences in your life.


  1. Jars of glitter in rainbow colours? Definitely, not just for girls! Can I come and play at your house, seems like my type of place! Domestic Bliss, Washi? Oh deary, me, my eyes are turning green! Glitter glue, too? Now they are definitely green! This is a fantastic Sunday Stash, so glad you had to share after seven weeks! haha

  2. That s more than. Month of Sunday confessions Jane! Some excellent additions to your stash.

  3. Whew what an awesome addition to the various craft stashes! Your girls must be in heaven! And considering most of what you picked up was on sale, or super discounted, it's pretty much like you made money really!!! Hehehe