Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lucky Little Wombat

I'm in a little paper-piecing bee called Wombat Stew - which is a bit of a nod to the famous Ringo Pie, and a bit of a nod to us all being Australian. Wombating along with me are Alyce, Fiona, Gemma, Kristy, Lara and Marieka. - and they are all such talented paper piecers!

I have been very slack in sharing these pictures, but back in October I was the Queen Wombat. I requested house blocks, with my only stipulation being that they featured the street number 34, because that's my street number and I also wanted a bit of selvedge love in them.

 I got all my blocks in the mail over the course of a few weeks, and eventually they were all together, and looking wonderful. They're all a little different, but they all happen to feature that clear blue sub-tropical sky we have here. I adore them!I am a lucky, lucky girl. Actually, scratch that - I think my 8 year old is a lucky girl, because this quilt is probably destined to go to her. Between Fiona using purple as her main colour and Lara putting Blythe dolls in the window - two of Brooke's most favouritest things in the world - it seems like a sign that this should be her quilt.

Take a look at this paper pieced love!

Alyce's Little Red house

Fiona's purple Nanny Goat house

Lara's doll house

Kristy's Quilter Lives Here house

Marieka's actual house - Kristy designed this block based on a picture of the 100 year old bluestone cottage Marieka recently bought!

Gemma's traditional Noumean house

I really think that one of the key things with paper piecing is your fabric selection. The thing that really makes all of these blocks pop is the choices of fabric. And I think we're all finding that the fabrics we choose for paper piecing are often different to what we'd use for regular piecing. We're looking for a lot more textured look, small scale, natural looking prints that can pass as wood or bricks or leaves, or cute designs that can be fussy cut.

The girls also included some scraps for me, which I shared on Sunday, but I'll share again 'cos they're so freaking cute. My girls have the BEST taste in fabric!

I'm not quite sure how to finish this up - I think I'll add 3 more houses and then put a picket fence border around it all. I'm not in a huge rush though, I am loving having these babies up on the design wall for a while.


  1. Oh my goodness- those are some of the best houses I've seen! They're adorable!

  2. Oh these all look so cute together!! So glad you picked such a fun theme!!

  3. This is going to be a fantastic quilt.