Thursday, February 6, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Low in the Rainbow

Once upon a time, about a year ago, before I'd even heard the term 'low volume', I hit upon the idea of using up lots of bright scraps and lots of that pesky-multicoloured-fabric-with-white-backgrounds-that-is-pretty-hard-to-use (yes, that is the technical term) to make another rainbow quilt.

I worked at it for a while, then in typical fashion, shoved it aside, all but done, rendering a whole stack of fabric out of action for any other project and adding to my WIP list. My goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes in February is to get this top, which I absolutely love love love, finished and quilted. I have plans for the quilting, once I get over the hurdle of how to back it.

I love that this is low volume, but kinda not... a bit low vol at the carnival, perhaps. But overall, it reads as low volume. And since I reorganised my stash (more on that another day), I am itching to play with my low volumes a bit more.

I love the whole hot mess that is the improv piecing process too... perfect for this time of year when I am super tired from having lots of newbies at work (oh, the crying!) and just want some mindless sewing at the end of the day.

Linking up to WIP Wednesday, Sew Cute Tuesday and A Lovely Year of Finishes too!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

ALYOF - January Update

January has been a productive month for me, creativity wise. Conclusion: if I didn't have a day job the rest of the year, I could be super productive. Sadly, I do, so I expect productivity to drop somewhat from now on.

I'm linking up (by the skin of my teeth!) to the A Lovely Year of Finishes linky party. My January goal was to bind the four quilts I had sitting round that only needed binding.

I did finish three of them, and balked at the fourth. But I did also baste three more quilt tops, and finished quilting and binding one of them. So I finished four quilts! I'm calling that a successful stitching month.

And I also made three paper piecing blocks for cushions, and made serious progress on a secret quilt project.

The mending and Girl Guide badges are patiently waiting for their time in the sun . I did what I had to on the school uniforms, but that was it for now.

First up was my Mary Engelbreit picnic quilt, which I finished piecing about 18 months ago, finished quilting about three months ago and bound this month. This used my serious stash of Mary Engelbreit fabrics that I started collecting years ago. To be honest, my heart wasn't really in this project, I'm pretty over these fabrics. 

My mum came to visit and oohed and aahed over how wonderful the quilt was and how it was far too good for a picnic quilt. You know what comes next... it went home with her. I am thrilled it has gone to a good home where it will be loved. 

Mary Engelbreit quilt front

Mary Engelbreit quilt back

My second finish was my Kaleidoscope Under the Sea quilt. I made this quilt to play around with the stack and whack technique. I love the hexagons, I love the variegated thread I used to quilt it (but my machine hated it!), but I am not happy with how it won't really sit flat. Which is probably why it took me two years to bind it...

Kaleidoscope Under the Sea

Kaleidoscope Under the Sea detail

This is my favourite finish - I finally, finally got the binding on my Polaroid Rainbows quilt. I adore this quilt and I'm so glad it's finally done. I did have a few tension issues with the FMQ but that's all on the back, which is now against a wall in my daughter's bedroom, so no peeking, okay?

Polaroid Rainbows

Polaroid Rainbows FMQ detail

The last quilt I finished basting, quilting and binding is still in secret squirrel mode, so I can't share pics just yet. But I can say it was made from my bee blocks from 2012 so I'm glad to get a long standing WIP out of the way!

I am planning for February already, but before then, I'm linking up to A Lovely Year of Finishes, TGIFF and Finish It Up Friday. Yay for finishes!!