Tuesday, December 11, 2012

100 Day Hustle - 20 Days to Go

It is crazy to think there are only 20 days left of 2012! I have conceded that I will not get too much further on my 100 Day Hustle list, and won't meet my very lofty goals, but that's okay. This project has at least made me slow down on starting new things and made me consider what I want to achieve creatively in 2013, so it's all good.

To recap my goals:
Keep sewing space tidy - I'm doing okay on this.
No new fabric bought - hmmm, no comment. That was a stupid goal.
No new projects - I started planning a quilt for my mum, but I haven't got far on it. I also got sidetracked with a non stitchy project the last few days.
Finish fabric storage boxes - see below.
Finish Phoebe's bed quit - this is all cut out and progress made on piecing, but I still have a ways to go.
Finish piecing 5 current tops - I have finished three.
Finish quilting and binding 5 quilts - One done, quilting done on another.
Empty mending/refashioning basket - this is a holiday project, I swear!
Keep on top of swap blocks and BOMs - I have now completed my two BOMs, one is a finished top, the other still in blocks. I am behind on block swaps but will get there. My goal for this week if I don't get sidetracked.
Finish smaller craft projects - no progress, but it's a case of sitting down and just getting on with these.

Speaking of the fabric boxes I've been planning on making since I got my new, fabulous craft table - here they are! This was an epic, epic task. There are 14 of them all up, on two shelves - I kept two shelves for my colour sorted scraps, since that system works well for me.

There are boxes for storing WIPs, scraps, selvedges and each family member has their own box.

They are made from recycled jeans and vintage sheets, so even the 'making' of the fabric was a bit of a task. The whole process has taken me the last two weeks but I am so glad they are done, I have fitted so much in them and my craft room is starting to look how I want.

Also, this was a major experiment in self-control. I told myself I couldn't do anything else until I completed these and I managed to do that. Considering my ADHD tendencies, this is major. It bodes well for my planning to kick the UFO/WIP habit in 2013.

This is my favourite box, my selvedge collection. So much possibility here!!

My goals for this week are to get those block swap blocks out of the way until January, but I've been a little bit sidetracked. I saw some darling dreamcatchers on Pinterest, pinned a bunch more here  and then just went to town with making dreamcatchers for my girls for Christmas. Only thing is, I'm a bit impatient, so I might give them to them tomorrow instead!

I am a huge believer in the therapeutic benefits of making, and this project was one of those creative projects I want to do more of in the future. You could barely wipe the smile off my face as I gathered fabric, buttons, doilies, ribbons and yarn to put these together. It was so improv and flowing, I had so much fun doing it. And I pushed myself out of my comfort zone in the process.

That is totally what making should be about - it isn't always, but it's important to get outside your comfort zone for a while and just play!


  1. Oh now I finally can visualize those boxes you have been working on. They are huge! Glad they are done. You have met a lot of the goals well more than you think.

  2. The boxes look fantastic! Seriously massive job - but they look so great!

    Looks like you're making some good progress on the big list! Well done!!