Monday, December 31, 2012

100 Day Hustle - The End

I can't believe it's December 31 and the New Year is going to rock in in just a few hours.

100 days seemed like such a long time.... 100 days ago. In reality, it's gone very quickly. I did accomplish some stuff, though not as much as I'd have liked. But it's a very busy time of year, and the juggling of work, kids, home and creative time is hard enough without beating yourself up over not being the quilter extraordinaire you'd be if you had unlimited time... so I'm okay with what I achieved.

A final recap of my goals: 

1. Keep sewing space tidy: Right now it's a nightmare, but overall I've done okay on this. I have most of January off and I am inspired to do lots of tidying and organising in that time. No photos of this right now!

2. No new fabric bought: Epic fail. I don't know why I even bother declaring this goal, ever.

3. No new projects: I began planning a quilt for my mum and I am nearly finished with a wallhanging that is a Secret Santa swap gift. Other than that I haven't started anything else. This is probably the biggest achievement at all - I am plugging away on a still-too-long work in progress list, but at least I haven't started on new stuff.

4. Finish fabric storage boxes: Done! I am so glad I got this project completed.

5. Finish Phoebe's bed quilt: This is still in piecing stage but is a high priority now as she's asking for it.

6. Finish piecing five current tops: I finished the Craftsy BOM, my polaroid block swap and my Tetris top, so some progress made here.
7. Finish quilting and binding five quilts: I finished the Tetris quilt and I have the polaroid rainbows and another older quilt waiting to be bound. These are highest priority as I am ashamed to say I got projects all the way to binding stage and then stalled.
8. Empty mending/refashioning basked: This is definitely a holiday project. I want these baskets gone and the clothes back in the wardrobe!

9. Keep on top of swap blocks and BOMs: I finished the year with all my block commitments for 2012 complete and my two BOMs complete (one all blocks done, the other is a completed top). Yay me!

10. Finish smaller craft projects: No progress. 

I am really grateful to Kelsey for setting this challenge - I knew going in that finishing my WIP/UFO collection by the end of this year wasn't realistic, but this has set me in good stead for 2013, I am focused and motivated to finish my UFOs this coming year!

Linking up to Kelsey for the last time! 

I need to get my head together a little more on my goals for 2013, but I'll let you know when I do. Here's to a great year of creativity ahead!

PS: I am shamelessly behind on commenting. I am going to sort out my inbox and start fresh for the new year. If you commented here and I didn't reply, I do apologise - I love reading each and every comment and appreciate that people take the time to read my little blog.


  1. Nice work!!! LOVE that Polaroid top! It's impossible not to buy new fabric :) Thank you for playing along!

  2. Congratulations on your completed projects!!!

  3. Great job on your list! Lots of big projects and some great progress on them. I love your polaroid quilt.

  4. Love your fabric storage boxes - what a great way to use up old denim jeans. Don't worry I bought fabrics in the sales and when I went back to top up some Christmas fabrics in the sales the ones I really liked had gone! And I was trying so hard NOT to buy fabric!

  5. Your Polaroid quilt top is super cute! I applaud you to even try to not buy fabric. I am going to put myself on a fabric diet... right after the Christmas fabric sales :) I have to restock for next year.

  6. Hehe, no fabric, yeah right :P Congrats on such a productive end to 2012!