Tuesday, January 13, 2015

One WIP Down

... Well, sort of.

I got to cross one project off my list because I put the offending blocks in the mail to someone who makes charity quilts. 
A few years ago I did a monthly block swap, but the blocks I kept getting back were very 'traditional' in fabric choices. I had planned a purple star quilt for my daughter but the fabrics just weren't to my taste. 
This was a very good lesson for me and I dropped that block swap and decided to be very selective about my bees - that may sound snobby, but I would much rather know I can trust the fabric choices my bee mates come up with.
At the time I put the blocks aside but when I pulled them out recently I knew I was never going to want to do something with them so I found a lady who makes charity quilts and offered them to her. She was thrilled - they are well constructed blocks and there are already 12, so it will be an easy finish. 
I am relieved to cross another thing off the WIP pile. 
I need to be more ruthless like this because that WIP pile is holding me back from what I really want to do.


  1. No shame in letting that project go to good use somewhere else. Congratulations for clearing space and moving on. :)

  2. Good move Jane. If you're never going to use, pass it on. I have similar views on bees. I resisted joining up in this latest round and will just observe what goes on. If people get good results I might join next year.

  3. I think that is a perfect solution to a WIP - give it away to someone who will finish and use it. I have one in my cupboard that might get the same treatment.

  4. You are well and truly shaking it up ... it's great to de-clutter isn't it?

  5. I've given some of my abandoned blocks to my mum and she's done stuff with them (instead of working on her own things... lol). No regrets! As unimportant as it all is, I find WiPs and UFOs kind of stressful, just knowing they're "around" so it's a relief when I can figure out what to do with them, even if that is give it away!