Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Fabriholics Anonymous - Fabric Fasting in 2014

Have you seen that Jess of the Elven Garden and Rebecca of Making Rebecca Lynne are hosting a six month fabric buying ban starting January 1? For me, the timing on this is pretty well perfect. 

Now I'm on holidays from work and doing the end-of-year mad-dash cleaning and organising, I'm reflecting a lot on the concept of simplicity and having and needing less. I'm a stuff person, as is reflected in my stash, so this is not an easy road for me. And I can fully justify that most of my discretionary income is spent on craft supplies... but if I have more than I need (honestly) then why not save that money instead? 

I haven't bought a massive amount of fabric this year, but I have bought some. I am not obsessive about new lines and particular designers, but I am a sucker for a good sale. I have cut back on my blog reading this year and this has helped a lot with not knowing about all the latest lines and wanting them - ignorance can be bliss.

So here's the stash.... 
And yes, I am super anal-retentive about the organisation of my stash. 

The multicolours and warms
The cools
The neutrals
Scraps sorted by colour
Random little scraps and solid scraps
So that's what I have to work with.... plenty. Even with not buying much this year, I also haven't had a lot of time for quilting this year, so the stash is growing faster than I can get through it. I still have a huge pile of UFOs kicking around the craft room too. 

In addition to quilting, I also scrapbook, which has been taking most of my creative time this year - I am making good progress on my albums and can see a time in my future when I am pretty well 'caught up' which is really exciting. But of course, I also buy scrapbooking supplies too, and my buying ban would extend to that. 

So with this in mind, I am pledging to stop buying craft supplies. Full stop. Which is scary as hell. I am following the fabric fast rules, below. 

The only exceptions to the fast will be to buy batting and maybe backing fabric (big maybe as I have yardage of some solids and should be able to pull something together) and possibly thread, though I have plenty. On the scrapbooking front, I am allowing myself to buy adhesives, blades and page protectors and I will continue to print photos regularly.

- To use the Stash I already have!
- Finish UFOs without distraction by shifting to other new beautiful fabric.
- Stop the insanity of constantly buying the latest and greatest fabric.
- Save the $$ I spend on stashing.
- Destash the fabrics that I realize I am never going to use.
1) No fabric purchases for 6 months beginning January 1, 2014.   
2) At 6 months reevaluate status and decide whether to keep going for full year.  Evaluation July 1, 2014.
3) Create a UFO list and complete them!
4) Exceptions
  • Backing: purchasing a backing to finish a quilt top is permissible.  However, attempting to use fabric in your possession for a backing is preferable.
  • Books and Magazine purchases are allowed as they are not fabric.  Notions acceptable too.
  • Swap Mama Fabric: if hosting a swap you are permitted to by fabric to execute swap duties, but you may not join a swap simply for the sake of being able to buy fabric!
  • Quilts for Publication: if you are making a quilt for a publication and need certain fabric to execute it correctly then that is a major exception - who can blame you?

I'm joining up to the linky party and will report back regularly. Wish me luck!

- Jane

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Stash - One Last Big Haul

I have been pretty good with fabric buying this year and actually only did two big internet orders - one from the US and one within Australia. As fate would have it, they arrived a day apart, which meant for a very big fabric week!

These parcels were both bought on very good sales, and lots of the fabric was clearance - my goal was to do some stash building. I bought from Hypernoodle Fabrics in the US, who not only had a significant discount on all stock, they also offered international shipping at domestic rates. I'd never bought anything from there before, but their service was great and I found their website very easy to navigate. I also bought a nice selection from Craft Depot in Sydney, who I have visited IRL a few times as they are two suburbs away from my dad's place. I usually stop in there when I'm in Sydney and check out their extensive range of $9.99m fabrics. Their website is also nice to navigate and the postage was pretty good too.

Wanna see what I got?

I'm always looking to add to my low volume collection.

Some Jennifer Paganelli goodness. In all the colours. And on sale no less!

Random warm tones for stash building.

Random neutrals for stash building.

Random cool tones for stash building.

I don't often buy multi-coloured prints, but these were all irresistible.

Dandelion goodness in my girls' favourite colours.
Girl #2 love purple. Since good purples are hard to find, I always, always buy it when I see good stuff. 
More neutral goodness.
And a few more pretty little stash builders.

Chevron meets sketch... what more could you ask for? 
 A lot of these prints are typically me, blenders in geometric patterns seem to make my heart sing. But one thing I'm pleased with is that a lot of them are a bit lighter or darker than I would usually choose, and I am really glad I am extending my tonal comfort zone.

This will be the last Sunday Stash post out of me for quite some time... now I've had this little binge I've decided that next year will be time for a fabric diet - but that's something for another post.

Meanwhile, I'm linking up with the lovely Fiona, who is hosting her second last Sunday Stash before handing the reins over to Molli Sparkles in 2014.