Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WIP Wednesday - the quality control team

Every quilter needs a quality control team. Diligent testers who will monitor the process from the purchase of fabric right through to the ongoing suitability of the quilt for its intended purpose.

These boys are my sewing room quality control team - Flash and Bolt. No fabric is left unfurred. All finished quilts are laid upon on a regular basis.

And while I am quilting my latest project - which is actually not from lately at all, but rather an unfinished quilt top from about 9 years ago. It's an Improved Nine Patch in 1930s reproductions from an Aunt Grace anniversary collection.

I'm not sure why I held off on this project so long. At first I thought I wanted it hand quilted, then I realised I just don't get time to hand quilt these days. I decided to stipple it because with all those curves the piecing isn't perfect so I wanted a forgiving pattern. I am a little nervous about the scalloped binding... maybe that's why I've been putting it off.

The boys are carefully checking it's suitable for fighting on, washing on and ignoring each other on.

Bolt is also inspecting my quilting progress and ensuring it stays where I leave it between quilting sessions.

Do you have any little helpers in your sewing room?
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  1. Love it! Your quilt is beautiful and your cats are great! Sadly I don't have any pets at the moment but Miss 2 is good at telling me what's pretty and sitting on my knee while I sew. The boys are good at telling me what to se lol

  2. So cute! Your quilt is gorgeous! I've never done a scalloped binding before, so that would make me nervous, too. Good luck!

  3. Good luck on finishing! I bet it will feel great to move that to the finished pile.

    Love your testers. I have three of my own and they're very serious about their jobs. :)

  4. Great pictures! My dog tries to "help" me with my quilting as well! Love the colors in the quilt!

  5. Oh how fun! Flash and Bolt are fabulous and would go well with my Wee-Kips (she who owns the chair), Gizmo (she who owns the cutting mat and pincushion) and Tundra (who tries to get as close as possible to the heat of the iron without getting burnt)!

    Love the quilt! You have far more patience for this method than I did! LOL

  6. Such a gorgeous quilt! I have my own Quilt Inspector who you can see in action here...

  7. I have two cats, but one of them completely shirks his rightful duty of quilt inspector. He only lays on the one on my bed. The ones in progress, being basted, half quilted, etc, are thoroughly inspected by my other faithful feline. He does extra good work to compensate for the shoddy work of the other.


  8. Love the one of the kitties ignoring each other! Too funny!

    This quilt is looking great Jane - you are doing so well on tackling that WiP list!

  9. The quilt is beautiful! I love the design and colors! Great photos of Flash and Bolt too! Visiting from WIP Wednesday!

  10. haha - yes, I have 3 helpers of the canine variety. they love to curl up on my feet when I'm ironing or sitting at the sewing machine and of course test out quilts if I give them a chance... too funny :)

  11. I thought this was a long term project? It's looking cool!