Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Don't Want To Be That Girl Anymore

I am a non-finisher. I am easily distracted. I have way too many UFOs and WIPs. And I don't want to play like that anymore!

I might joke about having Quilter's ADHD, but to be honest, I really wouldn't be surprised if I had some level of honest-to-God ADHD. I know I've always struggled with procrastinating and finishing things, because I have the letter my 5th grade teacher sent my mum on the subject.

So I've been having a super productive few days - I finished quilting and binding a quilt, I got 10 bee and BOM blocks done, I sorted some more scraps.... and then I look at my project list to move the finished quilt and I realise I still have an immense number of half finished projects in progress. I stared at that list and wondered where the heck I even start. It wasn't fun.

I have to say, I am really glad I am being motivated by the 100-Day Hustle. We're at day 10 today and I'm doing alright. I can tick off one of the five quilts I wanted to have quilted and bound, at least. I added keeping up with bee blocks to my hustle list and I am happy to say I am mostly caught up. While I have added my mum's quilt to the list, I am very easily resisting any quiltalongs or new projects I am seeing online. 

One thing about machine quilting is that it gives you plenty of thinking time. While I was quilting, I was pondering my creative goals for the next year. I know I want to get everything that's hanging over my head finished ASAP, and then start fresh, one or two projects at a time. I don't want to be the girl with a million WIPs. I have to-do lists in every other aspect of my life, I don't want it for my creative outlet. 

I did start (and finish!) a quick little project today before I started block sewing - a new heat pack. I saw this cute one over at Pomegranate Quilts and thought she was just genius to make a heat pack you could tie on - certainly easier than trying to balance it when you get off the couch to raid the fridge for chocolate. It was a very quick project, and since I woke up with quite a headache this morning I have put it to good use already today. 

I really want to free up my sewing time so I can make more useful little things like this without feeling guilty I'm not tackling that to-do list. 

Do you ever get like this with your WIPs? Does your creative life ever become a chore when the to do list gets too much?

Jane xx


  1. Jane... I could have written your entire post. Seriously. My quilting UFO list is over 100 and counting. Not to mention that I also have lots of mosaic/beaded jewelry/knitting UFOs. I've never been diagnosed but I am beginning to use ADD/ADHD strategies to better manage and it is helping me (I've read every Time Management book ever written I think!). Hoping that the 100 Day Hustle is a good start for us both ;-)

  2. You know us Wombat Stew girls will be cheering you on! You have been so productive over the holidays so far - well done! Hope you bring the Tetris quilt on Sunday too!

  3. I agree with Deb, many of us could have written your post or at least we can relate. I think it's a sewing thing! There are so many beautiful projects and only one of us....so really the odds are stacked against us. So you can see....it's not your fault! It's just the way it is. I say embrace it! Although, I think your're moving in the right direction...you have a plan :)

  4. I am a newer quilter, and am on my way to your list. I need to stop and take stock now, make a list, and finish what I start, then start what I've bought, then I can buy more....I think it is a never ending cycle. Don't be so down on yourself. Just start finishing your projects so you feel better about yourself. I really need to sandwich and quilt several projects myself. Good luck!

  5. I think that's why (as much I would love to be) I'll never be a quilter. I'm only good at finishing things if I can get them done in a couple of days. Delaying gratification isn't one of my strong points!

  6. I can relate to your feelings!
    I am sort of new to sewing , at 3 years, and find myself getting flooded with projects that I COULD do.(More than unfinished work.) So I print them out and file them away. And look the next day for MORE to do.... Sometimes I think there are so many ideas swimming around in my head, that I can't choose which one to work on next. Access to bee's and tutorials and pattern stores and blogs is awesome, but can be TOO MUCH stimulation for me! I think I need to keep reminding myself that I can't do ALL of the cute patterns and projects out there.... just pick a few and be happy with them, is what I say to myself! ( And stop buying fabric! haha )