Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WIP Wednesday - Happy Harry

I have started my Harry Potter bookshelf quilt! 

And I really would like to say that I wish every aspect of quilting was THIS MUCH FUN. I mean, I love quilting, but some bits of the process are a bit tedious and production line-ish....

Not this project, each block is a delight. I am having the best time with this project. I spend my days looking forward to getting home to the sewing machine. 

I love digging through my scrap bins searching for just the right fabrics for each block. 

I love paper piecing intricate blocks and watching them all come together.

I love my kids coming in each morning to see if there are any more Harry blocks on the design wall.

I have discovered the alphabet stitch on my machine. I mean, I knew it was there, but in five years of having this machine, I never bothered with it. But I was looking at the Harry Potter book list that is included in the quilt pattern - not the list of the novels, but the list of textbooks they use at Hogwarts - and I thought it would be a nice touch to embroider some titles on the books. But no way was I hand embroidering... which was enough motivation to learn how to do it on the machine. It's so fun!

I have done nine of the 30 blocks, so nearly two rows. I am sewing together as I go for greater sense of achievement. Some of the blocks are fiddly, but none of them are too hard. And because it tends to alternate a tricky block with a simple book block, you can get one or two done in one sewing session. I like it when things come together relatively quickly. 

The free patterns for this quilt, which was originally a 30 week mystery project, can be found here

I am in love!

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  1. It's looking so great! You're going to inspire me to try this, and I'm a paper piecing newbie!

  2. It looks wonderful, Jane! Maybe next time my son asks for a HP quilt I'll get around to making him one ;)

  3. I was just wondering how long all that perfect embroidery took you - then you mentioned the alphabet setting! Haha. so funny. Your HP quilt is coming along very nicely. I am glad it makes you super excited to get to your sewing machine too. Can't wait to see it progress.

  4. What fun! I just love this... and would be so making one about 5 years ago for my son.

  5. I know what you mean about being in love! I just love the HP patterns. I've been making a block here and a block there, for years now. I didn't get in on the bookcase; I had a bunch of other projects. How wonderful that your sewing machine has an alphabet!

  6. Oh the books look terrific! I bet it is such fun creating & planning this & watching it all appear! Very clever work & you will be so rapt with this finish!

  7. This is looking great, Jane. Is this Jennifer Ofenstein's pattern? I'm making one of her's and she makes the pp pattern as simple as possible while still looking ok.
    The embroidery is really good, I might have to look at the alphabet on my machine. Good luck with the rest of it.

  8. It's amazing Jane!! I love that it makes you so excited to sew :)

  9. This is looking so great Jane! Love that the kidlets are involved too (and they seem super proud of your accomplishments too which is so lovely!).