Friday, October 12, 2012

100 Day Hustle - Day 20 Update

Eeek, another 10 days have gone by on the 100 Day Hustle, only 80 to go now!

It's been a pretty productive few days (especially considering I've been back at work for 5 of them) so I'm pleased. I'm pretty well maintaining my focus.

1. Keep sewing space tidy: relatively successful - I have a few fabrics to put away

2. No new fabric bought: Nothing new has entered this house. I have however destashed a ton of vintage sheet FQs!

3. No new projects: Success! (Though I did pin a ton of Christmas ideas on my Pinterest board.)

4. Finish fabric storage boxes: Not yet, but I did finish cutting the vintage sheets that I intend to use the scraps on for this, so no more excuses to procrastinate on this).

5. Finish Phoebe's bed quilt: No progress.

6. Finish piecing at least 5 current tops: I am working on my red/black/white chevron quilt. It's tedious and I'm not feeling the love, but I am persisting.

Don't mind the filthy ironing board, it's from a love affair with spray starch. 
And yes, it says 'ironing bored' all over it :).
 I also did my polaroid blocks for a swap which will turn into a fundraiser quilt.

7. Finish quilting and binding at least 5 quilts: I basted and began quilting my 1930s Improved Nine Patch. I'm probably 1/4 way through the quilting.

8. Empty mending/refashioning basket: No progress. Are you sure this won't just go away on its own?

9: Keep on top of swap blocks and BOMs: One swap block to do for October, still heaps of time.

10. Finish smaller craft projects: No progress.


  1. Phew! That s a lot of projects. You are doing well.

  2. I'm impressed with your progress. Phew- I'm tired just reading it :)