Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Stashing

I am doing okay on the fabric/craft supply fast... at least I was until I started to use the birthday excuse, but that's the topic of another post.

Meanwhile, this is the purchasing from February and March (most of it). Not perfect, but not too terrible.

A bunch of scrapbooking cuteness from a local cheapy (dollar) store and KMart. Because I seemed to have a momentary lapse that I was fasting. Yes, that's a fruit bowl, but I am using it to hold Washi tape, as you can put it in the bowl and on the spikes. I also bought a plastic storage container for my English Paper Piecing.

A metre of fabric from Spotllight that will be used for something for the Purple Princess, no doubt. It was $5 a metre, then I used my 40% off voucher so it was $3. The lady at the counter looked at me like I was nuts for using such a valuable coupon on this, but that was because I didn't need anything else. SEE, I AM LEARNING!! I actually stood in Spotlight and filled my cart with a bunch of $4m clearance prints and $8m designer prints and then got guilty enough to put them all back. It wasn't easy, but I did it.

My mother-in-law dropped in and asked me how much quilting fabric was, as she was pricing some for the op shop (thrift store) she volunteers at. After I got over the shock of her asking such a dangerous question in front of my husband, when my beloved stash was right in the next roorm in all its hundreds-of-metres-right-here glory, I took a quick look at what she had. Below is $3 worth of fabric - blenders that might come in handy and some hand-dyed fabric that seems to be a heavier weight but would be useful for the art quilts I might get around to doing one day.

I bought these books because I had a gift certificate from returning a few books I bought but realised I didn't really want. One is quite interesting, the other not so much. My motivation here is to extend my creative skills and try new things - I'm currently at the stage of amassing supplies and references rather than actually doing anything new and innovative... oops!

I also bought the digital back issue collection of  Quilting Arts magazine as it was 40% off. See above comments about art quilts and extending creativity.... I have looked at it briefly but it's all a little overwhelming right now.

Not pictured: A frixion eraseable pen as it's useful, and a bunch of glue sticks as they were on deep discount after back to school sales and I use them constantly.

Oh, and when I was in the office supply store I caved on the set of Stabilo fineliners I'd been eyeing off. Whoops. But they are beautiful and they were good value and I'm already using them all the time.

I was also gifted some selvedges from the lovely Kristy and some Project Life cards from a member of a Project Life Facebook group I'm on.

Despite some little lapses, I'm still calling this a successful fast so far. I did torture myself a few times by going to Spotlight for other things - there seems to be some weird magnetic force that pulls me into the quilting and scrapbooking sections when I go there.

I think staying away from temptation is the biggest tool for successful fabric fasting. I need to avoid Spotlight at all costs. I am doing a good job of avoiding fabric store websites and I'm getting very good at sticking my fingers in my ears and singing La La La every time someone mentions a fabric sale.

I am also shopping my stash to remind me I really don't need anything else! I was tempted to shop for a future project until I did a fabric pull at home and discovered I didn't need another thing.

In addition to linking up with Molli Sparkles' Sunday Stash, I'm linking up with Fabriholics Anonymous's March linky party. I'll confess on my birthday haul in another post, but now the fast is officially BACK ON!


  1. The fruit bowl is a handy storage device! I am sure you can put something in the bowl with the washi on the spokes. Looking forward to seeing your innovative makes!!!!