Sunday, April 13, 2014

English Paper Piecing... I Finally Sucumbed!

I have been thinking about doing an English Paper Piecing project forever, I love a little bit of hand work to change things up a bit. But I've always resisted starting something new because I still have so many projects on the go. 

This all changed last month when I saw that Hydeeann has this cool monthly paper piecing linky party on her blog. The fact that I was going away on a road trip to a music festival where I'd have no access to electricity or my stash for FOUR whole days and plenty of free time just gave me another excuse. And yes, you'd better believe that I was the crazy quilt lady sitting on the hill rocking out to country music and doing my hand sewing!

So I trawled Pinterest and found this gorgeous piece of inspiration over at Crazy Mom Quilts. I saw lots more star patterns and decided to do a brights and low volume version of my own.

I am mostly using scraps and have discovered that it's a great way to get through the scrap boxes. I still have a huge bag to 'process'. My bee friends have also been sending me scraps that I'm trying to immediately process into diamonds. 

I found this adorable enamel storage box at Kmart ($12, Australian readers!) that is perfect for storing this project. I love that the top tray has room for my papers, tools and pieces ready to press.

 I made a good start while I was away for a few days, getting these babies together.

And there's plenty more ready to go too!

I am absolutely loving the whole EPP process, I can totally understand how people get addicted! It's nice to slow down and sit down in front of the TV or tucked up in bed and do some stitching. I know this will be a looooong term project - right now I'm thinking queen sized quilt, hand quilted - but I'm okay with that.

Linking up for the very first time to the in hand linky party over at Splish Splash Stash. 


  1. Hi Jane! I'm pleased you've made a start on an epp project and are enjoying it. It's a perfect project for those times you described and being a long term project also has its benefits.

  2. I love your stars - although I do not do EPP but hand piece instead they all turn out the same in the long run just done by different methods. Your project is so colorful and taking the right approach of knowing it won't be done next month!

  3. Lovely stars! So fun that you are already addicted. I would love to see more soon.

  4. What a great craft box. Even better that it can be found in Australia! I am yet to try English paper piecing, but as my kids get older I'm hoping I'll have the opportunity soon (I have just booked my youngest in for swimming lessons. So that he can learn to swim of course. Not so that I can hand sew while I watch :)).

  5. This will be (and already is) a gorgeous quilt!!! You are using my favorite...bright foreground and low volume background!!

  6. its looking so good. I think EPP is addictive and so relaxing!

  7. I love the colours you have picked to work with. I EPP every chance I get.. while watching TV, or while outside watching the kids run around, in the car. Don't worry about how long a queen size might take, enjoy the process along the way.