Friday, September 28, 2012

TGIFF - Quilters ADHD

This week, my lovely friend Kristy at Quiet Play is hosting TGIFF. I've had a week off, so I was hoping for a nice, substantial finish to link up. Instead, I've had a chronic case of quilter's ADHD....

I have a bunch of fabric boxes half cut out. I have vintage sheet fat quarters half cut. I have stuff all over the sewing table. I have a zillion quilt block obligations still to do. This is not a productive way to work!!

I do, fortunately, have a few small finishes.

My September block for Quilting Block Swaps Australia  - in by the skin of my teeth for September. Somehow, I managed to stuff a Log Cabin. I don't know quite how it happened, but this block was wonkier than a donkey. Damn! So I tracked back to the first source of trouble, unpicked, and fixed it. Then I trimmed the second source of trouble so it played the way it should. And I eventually had a workable block I was happy to send out.

I also finished my blocks for our very first round of the Wombat Stew Paper Piecing Bee. Alyce of Blossom Heart Quilts is currently living in Japan, so asked for Japanese cuisine themed blocks. Thankfully for us, we've got Kristy working as our resident pattern designer - I can paper piece, but I wouldn't even begin to know where to start designing a block myself. Thankfully Kristy very graciously turns all our ideas into patterns. And luckily for you, she's going to be putting some of these patterns into her paper piecing shop! So if you feel inclined to have a cup of chopsticks of your very own, you can!

I did make good progress on my last bee block for September, our Quilt Club Aust Bee block. Jodie asked for a strippy Lone Star and word was that it was a very tricky block. But so far, the stripping of the diamonds has been fine. I'm supposing she's going to want something in between though.... at least I've started though!

Finally, I saw these genius quilt row markers here and thought they were an awesome idea. A bit of an upgrade from masking tape, which was an upgrade on scraps of paper. So I made some of those too - now all I need is a quilt to put together so I can use them!

Hope your week's been productive! Linking up to TGIFF here.

Jane xx


  1. I seriously love those chopsticks! I am so excited by what everyone is making!!

  2. Those chopsticks are totally adorable, and the fabric you chose complements them so nicely. What a nice friend you have to make patterns for you. :)


  3. The chopsticks blocks are so fab - beautifully chosen fabrics! Gosh I think I have the easy job of making them into patterns - you get the hard job of coming up with an idea! ;)

    Love the quilt markers - thank you for my set - they'll definitely be put to good use. I can never remember which way to sew/iron a seam so yay!

  4. I love your chopstick blocks! The star looks great too!

  5. I love the star! And the chopsticks are great too - I have never successfully done any paper piecing - now I'm inspired:-)

  6. Looks great! love the chopsticks. Jodie's block is HORRID. I gave it to her IKEA style - in 2 pieces - assemble yourself!! Put the white on BEFORE removing the paper. it stretches horribly.

  7. Fantastic blocks! Love those chopsticks :)

  8. A week just to sew? Heaven! Even if you have Quilter's ADHD. Lovely block, Jane. Thanks for the tip about row markers -- I needed that! Thanks for linking up!

  9. Oh, I know that feeling when you have too many projects going on at once. But look at all you accomplished! Beautiful work! I love the chopsticks and the strippy Lone Star in progress. So fun!

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