Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Half a month of Sundays, and a Sunday Stash

I am on school holidays, which is very very sweet. I work at a preschool with a bunch of three and four year olds who are gorgeous, but exhausting. I relish the two week term break every 10 weeks. I have my three kiddos at home, but they're pretty self sufficient, and they enjoy the downtime too.

We've had lots on the go round here lately and I've been thinking I need a month of Sundays to get caught up. I don't have a month of them, but I do have half a month of them, with almost nothing scheduled. So we've been sorting, tidying, organising... general catch up stuff.

I do suspect, however, that I may already be planning on breaking one of my 100 Day Hustle resolutions - my mum is visiting and she asked for a new quilt. Who am I to say no? She will be providing the extra fabric I don't have in the stash, so it doesn't count as fabric buying, but I will be starting something new. But I very rarely quilt with a particular purpose in mind, and she hasn't had a new quilt in years, so it's okay.

And because it's a month of Sundays, which technically makes it Tues-Sun-day here, I feel completely justified in bringing you a rather late Sunday stash.

Rather late being the operative words, since this little collection came into my hands a few weeks ago and I've just been too totally busy to blog about them. As happens, two parcels arrived on the same day. And being the good little international shopper that I am, I had to pack those flat rate envelopes as full as possible.

First up, the full range of Stockholm hexagons, and the full range of Happy Drawing curly scribbles, plus a few other fillers to add to some of my other collections. I have been coveting the hexies and scribbles for a while, so when I found a shop that had both, I snapped them up.

And then a bunch of brightness that contained a fair bit of Patty Young, and some other bits and pieces. To be honest, I don't pay a massive amount of attention to designers so I'm not the kind of person to buy a whole line by one particular designer. I tend to buy lots of blenders, but I do love to get them in every possible colourway.

 Don't they look fabulous together?

Now I really must get on with some sewing because the sooner I get through my to-do list, the sooner I can start playing with all the beautiful new fabric I've bought lately.

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Jane xxx


  1. Some great additions to the stash! Those hexagons are fab!

    You know I'm a big Patty Young fan - but I just don't think you can go wrong with the Running Stitch prints!

  2. Fantastic additions to the stash!! I love those hexies!!