Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Studio Restyle and the 100 Day Hustle

First, a massive thank you to everyone who commented on my TGIFF finish or linked up projects of their own - so many great finishes this week.

I have to admit, the exhilaration of finishing such a long term project has got me itching to get more done. Then this morning I stumbled across Kelsey Sews 100 Day Hustle and I am sooooo there. I really need to get some stuff finished, and she promises that if we work hard we'll get to start the new year with a clean slate, doesn't that sound nice?

So here are my goals for the last 100 days of the year:

1. Keep my sewing space tidy and workable.
2. Don't buy any more fabric this year.
3. Don't start any new projects.
4. Finish fabric storage boxes.
5. Finish Phoebe's bed quilt.
6. Finish piecing at least five current tops.
7. Finish quilting at least five quilts.
8. Empty the mending/refashioning basket.

You'll see these are pretty general goals, but I am trying to focus on where I fall down - buying fabric, having a messy space, the never ending mending nemesis basket and starting new things. The only quilt I really need to complete is my daughter's new bed quilt because she's now got a double bed and has NO quilt - the horror of it!

Meeting these goals won't get me totally out of the woods, but they'll be a very good start.

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100 Day Hustle
 This weekend, there's been some exciting restructuring in the Craft Room/Studio. We recently redid an little-used room into a study so my computer got moved, taking the desk out of this room. Then my husband had the idea of moving my crafting table out of the centre of the room and against a wall. It's fantastic, because there is now heaps more space all around.

The removal of the desk also meant I had a spare wall - design wall here I come! For now I've just tacked up a flannelette sheet, we'll see how that goes. If I need to I'll switch to batting. Hubby coped with the no-cost factor, but there was some muttering about 'another wall having more holes than a sieve in it'. He's a patient sort!

 I wanted to share the side shot of my craft table with you. These are similar to the IKEA Expedit shelves, we don't have an IKEA locally and I couldn't get them into the truck on my last trip there, so these will do. We topped them with two doors, nice and strong, pre-painted and cheap.

I am making fabric boxes for them using upcycled jeans and vintage sheets. Half the table is meant to belong to the kids, but we're going to have to work very hard to make sure a certain child keeps it clean. When the others say the mess in the craft room is 80% Brooke's, 10% Phoebe's and 10% Nathan's, they're not joking!

This is in the corner under my design wall and behind my machine - scrap central. The baskets contain general scraps in prints and solids. Those little boxes on the shelves contain scraps sorted by colour. The blue box is my regularly used sewing supplies.

I am hoping having my scraps on hand will encourage me to use them more.

And finally, measurement central. Two tape measures, one in inches because I'm a quilter, one in centimetres because I'm Australian. And I've hung my rulers on hooks, totally copying Quilt Jane's awesome idea with that one.

Hope you're a having a productive weekend in your creative life!

Jane xx


  1. Ooh so now that the craft room's had a move around, does it need another sew-in christening? (any excuse right?!).

    Love the rulers being hung up - such a great idea!

  2. I hear you on nos. 1-3! Good luck!

  3. You're off to a flying start, I'm too embarrassed to show my sewing space, it's a total mess. I really need to find storage within it.

  4. I love the cubbies under the craft table! What a great idea!

  5. Wow, I would love to create in that work space

  6. Ooh your craft space is awesome!! Love those hoops :) I really need to work on #1-3 of your list but it's so hard! Thanks for joining in!

  7. Yep, I agree - love your creative space! Good luck hustling!

  8. looks great so far! Glad to know hanging rulers is working. I have a sewing room re-do coming up and I've been noodling hanging my rulers and templates. Your hooks look much more managable than my pile.

  9. I like that you have general goals. Feels like a little less pressure to get things done.