Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cuties for the Kitchen

I'm on a decluttering kick at the moment, and of course the kitchen is a big target. The past it pot holders, the old cork trivets... Ugh. 

I'm also trying to make more cute things for the home and last year I got these fab placemat panels from the lovely Cat&Vee. We're not really placemat people, plus there are five of us, so I hadn't done anything with them yet.

But tonight I pulled out the insulbright I'd been hoarding, some scraps of batting and some black fabric and whipped up four super-cute, very useful pot holders/ trivets. 
Then I immediately tossed the old ones out. Now all I have is cute and handmade, which makes me much happier. And there's one less thing on the sewing to do list. 

Win all around. 


  1. Definitely a win all around. And they *are* super cute! Congrats!

  2. Yup! Much better ... I'll just go to my kitchen now and throw out those cork thingys ...

  3. Cute and practical!
    I haven't stared my kitchen in the eye for a while. Every time I do, the fondue set manages to survive the cull. Why is that?