Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dealing with Scraps

I love scraps, I really do. But my scrap bins were overflowing and I had a stack of stuff to go in them and when I looked through them for a project the other day I realised I didn't like half the stuff that was in there any more. 

So last night, quite spontaneously, I decided to clean out my scrap bins and put the new scraps away. Now they look like this. 

I love that they're neat and ordered and filled with fabric I like. 

And this is the bag to go out. The ugly fabrics, the poor quality fabrics and the teeny weeny pieces.

The teeny pieces were hard. I had put them aside to make a ticker tape quilt. But in truth, I've made one ticker tape quilt and I don't much want to make another. And it's just another thing on a never ending to do list.

I also think I need to factor in that making any scrap quilt costs money - the top may be free but the backing and batting and time aren't. And it's not like I need to save fabric because I might run out tomorrow. Even if all the fabric manufacturers shut their doors next week I'd be good for a little while 😉.

I'm not saying I don't love scrap quilts, I really do. My Dismond Stars EPp is mostly scraps. 

The border I added to the latest round of the Possum Magic bee is all scraps.


For me, the key is not keeping ALL the scraps, just the best ones.


  1. I think you are wise to keep the scraps that speak to you most! I donate my teeny tiny pieces and things I have fallen out of love with to teacher friends who can use them for projects in the classroom.

  2. I give away or throw out the majority of my scraps all the time ... the clutter is just too much for me and I can't think with it all around. There is a downside to that though ... but usually I'm onwards and upwards with new favourite fabric crushes :)

  3. Well you could always make a scrappy back for the scrappy top? lol :)

    People actually buy them on IG destashes if you bundle them up (more money for new fabrics!). I cleaned out my lot of scraps that way but now they've accumulated again...

  4. How to you manage white/off white/snow? Keep them all together? I was looking at keeping prints and solids separately but by colour makes the most sense!

  5. Wow, Jane! I just love that Possum Magic quilt! You are stronger than me, I just can't seem to through much out. Sheesh, I think I need an intervention :)

  6. This is a great idea. I have been thinking about how to organize this in my space. Thanks.

  7. What size are the containers you are using? Thanks.

  8. I did a fabric purge a few years ago and felt happier with what I had. I keep stupidly small pieces, but like you, sometimes I realise that a fabric is just not going to get used again and it has to go.