Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Stash

Oh boy, it would seem I've been on a bit of a fabric bender again....

Okay, not totally, maybe a bit more like everything's arriving at once (except the two parcels that haven't arrived yet, but shhh about those). And I can seriously justify it all. I am full of excuses.

This week saw the arrival of another Travelling Stash swap, this one was a little FQ swap in a 500g postbag. I took 8 FQs out and put 8 new ones in.... hardly counts as new fabric when you do it that way does it?

I also joined a rainbow charm swap a while ago and got my charms back from that. Luscious colours and a serendipitous little collection, since I have nearly used them all up on the perfect project already. Again, since it was a swap it's not exactly new fabric.

Then I was at Quilt Group today and Kristy gave me my bit of an order we did together... when you're sneaking in on the end of someone else's order to help them fill their flat rate envelope to maximise postage then that doesn't really count, right? Okay, maybe I'm stretching it now...

Then Marieka lovingly shared some of her new Denyse Schmidt prints from Spotlight. Our Spotlight has a 1 metre minimum cut on clearance fabrics which drives me nuts because I don't want yardage these days. So it was very nice for Marieka to share.

Marieka also had an order from overseas and helped me feed my Lizzy House Pearl Bracelets obsession. The front three fabrics I already had, the back ones are new. Kristy also got me a FQ of the pink, though that one was meant to be lavender, oh well. Since these are one of my must have fabrics, I don't mind how much I have of it.

There was a bit of new bargain fabric coming in via my destashing group on Facebook, which I really must stop looking at since I'm not actively destashing my stuff at the moment.

And the biggest bonus - a total surprise - was the "Free to Good Home" fabric that showed up at quilt group today. One of the ladies had been given a huge packing box of fabric from a friend, and she bought it in for us to pick through. Okay, it's old school and it smelt musty (anyone know how to get that smell out, it still smells after washing), but there were some gems in there. Lots of solid and some great prints. Now I'm doing more paper piecing and more scrap quilting, I am learning to look at all fabric for its potential. There were plenty of bits I took with my Harry Potter quilt in mind, because a lot of my stash won't work for that kind of project. And they were lots of small, scrappy bits, which is totally what I'm into at the moment. There were some great old-style selvedges for my collection obsession too. Happy, happy days! Astoundingly, hubby wasn't happy to hear about more new fabric, even when it was free!
This photo totally doesn't do it justice, it just needs a little TLC before I  can share it with you further.

So all in all, a great week for stash building, and not too much money spent either.

Linking up to Fiona at Finding Fifth as usual.


  1. Lol! Love the justification! I so get that! And really, free fabric? How could you say no?!

  2. I agree with Kristy....justification is true love for fabric! None of us will every tell you no...don't get it! We can see the total justification in it! I can't wait to see what you make!

  3. Wow, lots of goodies at your place. I just love those pearl bracelets.

  4. It is truly amazing what can be found in another hoarder's stash - I am keen to see some of those bottom fabrics close up. Yes - I love pearl bracelets too and you have got some delicious gelato colours to create with there.