Thursday, August 16, 2012

Studio Snippet

I will confess, I am a lucky girl. I have my own craft room. A whole, entire, large room filled with craft things.  It is a happy, happy place. I do share it with three smaller people, because I am trying to foster a love of creating in my kids. And sometimes I even invite my quilty peeps over for a playdate.

We originally built this house with a small studio off our bedroom, but I hated being closed away in there. And being introverts who don't do a massive amount of entertaining, we realised we never really used the formal living room  - so one day I boldly suggested we move the craft room into the living room, and amazingly DH agreed!

For the last two years it's been a bit of a work in progress, making do with furniture from around the place, while I secretly harboured dreams of Ikea Expedit shelving filling an entire wall and fiendishly pinned an entire  Pinterest board with inspiring studios.

Earlier this year, a trip to Ikea was had and dreams began to come true. I set about creating my dream craft space. It is still very much a work in progress, but since I reorganised my desk yesterday and finally finished hanging all my hoops I thought I'd share a little corner of it with you. I'll bring you more snippets in weeks to come (Read: as I get organised!).

My embroidery and quilting hoop collection,
filled with some of my favourite fabrics and
the odd orphaned quilt block - changeable art.

My inspiration wall - lots of very cute quotes and printables I found online.
The space in the middle is for a future project I haven't quite started on yet.

My desk corner, looking so bright and happy now.


  1. I love your craft room. You have decorated it so beautifully - I can't believe it's a work in progress, it's so gorgeous already!

  2. Beautiful hoops!! I love the idea of doing that one day :)

  3. Unless that desk is a heirloom antic, may I suggest there are a lot of cute painted desks floating around pinterest also;-) Yellow, blue, white, many fab choices! Looks great so far! I am coveting the loops, must get me some!

  4. A couple years ago I did something silimar. I had a guest bedroom that rarely was ever used so I turned it into a sewing studio for me. L-O-V-E it! Sometimes it's alright to want something for yourself! I'm so glad that DH agreed to turn your living room space into a happy creative space for you. Much more useful!