Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Stash #1 - The Travelling Stash

I hadn't heard of a Travelling Stash  until Cassie talked about it in one of my FB groups, but once I heard about it I was so in! 

In case you don't know, a travelling stash is a big post parcel filled with lots of awesome fabrics and sewing notions that travels from participant to participant. When you get the stash, you get to unpack it (it is astounding how much you can cram into one of those 3kg post bags), ooohhhh and aaaahhhh a lot, pat some fabric (fabric must be patted regularly, like a cat). And THEN there's the tough decision of choosing what you want to take out of the stash. 

The stash arrived in my hot little hands on Friday and it looked like this:

Seriously, all that fitted into one post bag.

I opened it up with my girls, who helped me choose some goodies for our personal stash. There was lots of great fabrics but I'm a sucker for brights so I chose some gorgeous bright prints, a couple of 1/2 yd cuts, some FQs and some charms. The girls also took a great liking to a penguin pattern, some ribbons (it's purple, mummy!) and some metallic thread. It was like taking them to Spotlight but without having to say no at the end of the trip.

So this is what we took out:

The deal of the stash is that whatever you take out needs to be replaced with something from your stash to the same value, so I popped in a couple of patterns, some notions, some fabric transfers and lots of yummy fabric. Here's what I added:

So this is what came out, and what went back in. Now she's ready to go to her next lucky recipient.

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  1. It's seriously amazing how much stuff can fit into one of those satchels! Glad you scored some goodies!

  2. Wow, that IS impressive how much they squeeze in!!

  3. Wow! Sounds like you had lots of fun! Loving that cottage/country scene print that you put back in :)

  4. Welcome aboard Jane...I am expecting BIG things from your further 'stash'posts. And yes that farm scene fabric has me intrigued too!