Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Book Review - Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters

The words ‘Then quilt as desired’ written at the end of many quilting patterns puts a fear of dread in the heart of many quilters and is probably the reason so many quilt tops remain unfinished. I, for one, often overlook the actual quilting part of the process, though I'm now realising it's another artistic layer in the whole process.

I am always looking to improve my quilting skills - I don't have the time to hand quilt and sending a quilt out to be long armed isn't a financial option for me. Plus, I want to be able to say I made all of it. So, quilting it on my trusty domestic machine is the only option.

I chose this book because I wanted to improve my FMQ skills, but it revolutionised how I think about the whole process as well. For starters, it is geared toward modern quilters and modern style quilts, which is totally my thing. 

But in it, Angela says, "But over and over, I see quilters piecing such beautiful quilt tops only to resort to an allover quilting design, unsure of how to quilt it or doubtful about their quilting ability." Can you say 'lightbulb moment'? The idea that I don't have to stick with one overall design is so freeing, liberating, and a kinda exciting creative challenge. I had never really contemplated using multiple quilting patterns in a single project, but Angela does this with such stunning results and it's changed how I look at quilting. I have already designed my first quilting pattern with this method in mind and just need to get that flimsy basted so I can get into it.

I also really love how this book is divided into three sections, with a really clear general introduction, lots of step by step patterns and a section on how to use the designs in modern quilts. This book covers all bases and is an excellent resource.

I am not usually this blown away by books, but this one is an absolute must buy for any modern quilter. I love it!

PS: Angela blogs over at Quilting is My Therapy.

Disclaimer: I am a member of CTPub's Troupe, which provides review copies of their titles, including the fabulous Stash Books imprint.  

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  1. After hearing about this one, I'm thinking I may just have to look into it. The actual quilting part is totally my downfall in the whole process!!