Monday, May 12, 2014

Thank You, and an Announcement

Wow, I am floored by the response to my previous post... I knew quilt bloggers were awesome people, but I really really appreciated all the wonderful comments I received. Not just brief comments either, but the kind that take time. I got advice and tips, reassurance that I wasn't alone, and encouragement. And it is so appreciated.

I have been thinking a lot over the last few days over how to make my quilting stress free. I often joke about my Quilters ADHD and I have decided that I'm just going to embrace it. Even if I'm doing something different every night of the week, that's okay. I will need to find some sort of organisational technique to keep things on track, but I am thinking that over at the moment.

Since my last post, I have designed a mini quilt; pressed my solids scraps collection, with a view to cutting for a quilt I've had planned for a couple of years (and I threw out a grocery bag worth of useless scraps in the process); finished cutting the fabric for my mum's quilt (fitting way to spend my Mother's Day quilt group session); worked on an old bee quilt from 2012; basted and cut some more EPP diamonds and tidied my craft room. I've been busy and productive, but it's been stress free and FUN.

I have left my craft room in a state of hot mess... when it started to get overwhelming and I started to overthink it, I stopped. There are quilt tops on the recliner, fabric all over the ironing board, my new vacuum in the middle of the floor... whatever. No pics, because it's too dark and dingy in there right now.

One of the comments on my last post was that the saying "Quilt With No Guilt" should be a blog button. And I've decided she's right. I've got to work through it a bit more but for now, hold the date of the first of June when I'm going to launch the first Quilt With No Guilt Linky Party.

This linky will be open the entire month, and then the next one will begin - there'll be a new linky each month to keep it current, but no pressure to churn out a blog post on a certain day. You'll be able to link anything that concerns fun, guilt free quilting to it - whether it's a finish, what you're working on, talking about your process, playing with a new technique. I envision it being a place where we can form a community where the focus is on having fun while we're being creative, end encourage each other in our creative journeys.

I'm also going to be using the instagram hashtag #quiltwithnoguilt (btw, if you want to track me down on instagram, I'm @wherejanecreates) - feel free to add your pics to the hashtag too :).

And I've just made my first ever button, which you can also grab if you want to be part of the fun!

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  2. Quilt with no Guild is perfect. I need to use this motto more often. Keep smiling and creating :)

  3. So I had set up an instagram account ages ago, and upon reading your post thought "hey maybe instagram would be a no stress way to share stuff". Umm nooooo! I am too dense to figure out how to use it, in fact could not even figure out how to follow you there.....

  4. What a great theme for a linky! I just started following on Bloglovin so I can be sure to see it when you launch it :-)