Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival: Phoebe's Faux Drunkard's Path

Once upon a time, about a year ago, there was a tweenage princess whose father had a tendency to spoil rotten. When the time came to look for a new bed, and she discovered a four-poster, canopied, double bed fit for a princess, daddy was taken in by those puppy dog eyes and the bed came home, despite the princess being a little on the pint-size and certainly not in need of a double bed.

I, of course, never miss the opportunity to make a new quilt, and what better excuse for a new quilt than a new bed? So princess and I consulted the royal experts (Pinterest) and the princess was invited to choose whatever design she wanted. What a princess was doing choosing a Drunkard's Path, we will never know.

After I picked myself up of the floor at the prospect of sewing 400 curved pieced blocks, the decision was made to try a new technique and create a faux Drunkard's Path block. There may or may not be an official tutorial for this somewhere but I couldn't find one, so I winged it somewhat and made up my own pattern - there will be a tutorial coming soon.

The Princess consulted the royal stash and scrap bins, and managed to pull 100 different prints in various shades of blue, aqua and green. What this says about my stash will not be discussed, okay? (SABLE, anyone?)

Serendipitous was the discovery of the perfect Denyse Schmidt print on sale at Spotlight for the backing.

This quilt top actually came together pretty quickly, but the kicker came when I looked at the finished top and decided it needed hand quilting. Did I mention I'm not a fast hand quilter? Even with Perle, it was slow going and this quilt spent about nine months at the quilting stage.

When I finally finished quilting and was binding this, the princess snuck out of bed unable to sleep. When she realised what I was doing her eyes grew as big as saucers and the second I finished stitching down the binding, she pulled the quilt off the table and wrapped herself in it. She can still often be discovered dragging this quilt around the house.

She reluctantly let me take it out for photos, but was very quick to take it back when I was done photographing it. It's a wrap, okay Mum?

Linking up to the Blogger's Quilt Festival at Amy's Creative Side, where the talent and amazing work is, as usual, incredible.



  1. YOur quilt is so beautiful. Love the colors!

  2. Really pretty . . . love the cool colors.

  3. Love both the colors and design of this quilt!! I can see why your daughter loves it so much!

  4. Such a gorgeous quilt, and best part is that it is so well loved :)

  5. Gorgeous - kids are great quilt judges!

  6. Your quilt is beautiful. I love your colour combination. It looks fantastic. No wonder your daughter loves it so much!

  7. Lovely quilt...but particular shout out for all the hand quilting! Bravo!