Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Possum Magic Round One

As you may know, I'm involved in Plum and June's fabulous Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop (I'll be posting next week for the final round of the hop).

Today is the third round, and I encourage you to go and visit all the amazing bloggers who will be wowing us with their quilts and quilting stories today. The full linky list is at the bottom of this post.

I'm most excited that my fellow Possum Magic girls Jo and Wendy will be posting today. While everything to come out of this blog hop has been fantastic, I am most excited to have met my new Possum Magic friends through it.

We've all finished our first round of Possum Magic, and Alice wrote a great post featuring all our centre blocks. Go check out our awesomeness, I'll wait...

I received Carla's amazing leaf block in the mail the other week and the pressure was ON to add to it. I had a plan A before I actually saw the block... and thankfully that worked because there was no plan B.

I loved the greens and low volumes Carla used in the centre block, so I decided to stick with that colour scheme for now. I wanted to give the impression of something fading out, like a leaf dying, so I actually stitched five borders to get that effect.

The first border used a scrap Carla had provided from the original block - we decided we'd add scraps with each round to bring some cohesiveness to the entire quilt top. I used this green to bring the block up to 16 inches, and I also used some of the dot fabrics Carla included in my mix of low volumes.

For borders two through five, I decreased the amount of green in each border until I got to an all low-volume border.

I think it looks effective... gosh I hope she likes it!!

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  1. Oh it looks fantastic Jane. I haven't seen that kind of design before, but it works so well with the centre Carla made. I bet she'll be thrilled. It could be a big cushion cover right now, but there's so much more to add. Thanks for the plug about the blog hop too.

  2. Jane, this is amazing!!

    Pressure is on now! Time to put my thinking cap on tighter for Sharon's centre...

  3. Ooooh! I do like it. A LOT! Wendy is right. I am thrilled.
    I like it because you have done something I would not have thought to do (or been clever enough to do). I also adore how it has stayed in a grown-up - almost neutral - colour range of green, black and white. I have a bad habit of throwing pink into everything, even when I should not. More happy dancing!

  4. Crikey! I better step up my game to follow this awesomeness!! I especially love the pixel effect - it reflects the use of all the dotty fabric.

  5. Looks really cool against that gorgeous leaf. Definitely achieves what you wanted in your original idea. Am bookmarking this one for inspirsation!

  6. Great idea to mention each round of the Blog Hop participants, I never thought to do that, oops it's already round 3. Can't wait tot get to know you when it is your turn.

  7. A really great addition to a beautiful block. I look forward to seeing how this one progresses.

  8. Holy balls Batman....I want to add colour but I'm also tempted to keep it in colour theme....what to do what to do??

  9. I absolutely love what you added to this one! It's gorgeous!

  10. I tried to write something coherent but it just came out as mush. This is beautiful. I love what you chose to do, it really feels like you took the spirit of the first (gorgeous!) leaf block and went with it. Looking at the pictures in this robin, I've been stunned with the fit of each addition, and you guys are only on the first border! Looking at how you progress is going to be so fun, I look forward to it!